Published May 10, 2021

Hungarian Youth Ministry Revitalized by Passion to Support Church Youth Leaders

The Global Leadership Summit is more than just an annual event in August. In fact, it is a catalyst propelling positive change, not only in the U.S. but also around the world. After the event in August, the GLS is contextualized and translated into 60+ languages and brought to another 123+ countries. The impact is global, and we are humbled by the stories we hear every day from those who have been encouraged and equipped with tools to achieve their vision.

65% of Hungary’s churches have no youth ministry

One of those leaders is a man named Aron Ablonczy from Hungary. When Aron attended the Summit for the first time on a scholarship, little did he realize what impact it would have on his life and his ministry. With a passion for the youth of Hungary, Aron and his team are now utilizing the leadership tools from the Summit to expand their ministry and equip youth ministry leaders in their region.

Their passion stems from the unfortunate reality that 65% of Hungary’s churches have no youth ministry. And on average, youth ministry workers who are part of the 35%, leave after a year and a half due to lack of support or burnout. This is where Aron’s organization, Youth Builders, comes in.

Watch the Youth Builders story unfold.

“We took a leap of faith,” said Ablonczy Aron, founder and leader of Ifjuság Építők (Youth Builders). “We responded to God’s call by leaving our stable jobs and starting a fundraising campaign. We began the foundation of a brand-new organization from scratch. We started it without any legal or financial knowledge, money or office space. All we could hold onto was our calling and our enthusiasm. There have been times when our financial survival became a question. Sometimes we barely had the money to stay afloat. But God’s provision was revealed time and time again. He has blessed our organization amazingly.”

Now Aron and his team work full time exploring, embracing and equipping youth ministry leaders and anyone who works with young people. Today Youth Builders provides resources, training and also runs the largest Hungarian youth leadership conference. As a result, they’ve been able to impact the lives of 10,000 youth in Hungary!

By 2030, their goal is to provide support for 7,000 youth ministry leaders prepared to serve 60% of the churches in the region.


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